Client List

Bargainville Market

Big Orange Productions

Bridgeton Invitational Baseball Tournament
Burlington Center Mall

Burlington Coat Factory
Clearwater Center for the Arts
Cohanzick Zoo (since 2004)
Cowtown Market
Downe Township Elementary

Elkton FOP Lodge #124
Even Pro-Strategies

Flea Market Tallahassee
Glasgow Church of Bear
George V Kirk Middle School
Grace Episcopal Church of Wilmington

Marcus Hook Preservation Society (Pirate Festival)
Mondawmin Mall of Baltimore
Moose Lodge New Castle, Delaware No 1578

North Accomack Little League
North Brunswick Humane Association
Oldsmar Flea Market

Operation Hug-A-Hero

Panamaican Island Flavor
Paramus Park Mall
Parvin State Park
Peniel United Methodist Church of Newport
Plumpton Park Zoo
Quarter Mania
Quinton Township Day
Quinton Township Elementary
RM of Mahoning Valley

Rutgers University
Salem Market Street Day
Save the Tatas of Las Vegas


Silverton of Atlanta
Staten Island Mall
Tallahassee Market
Trees of the Forest Inc.
Upper Deerfield Community Day
U-Sell Market
Walmart's Alex Lemonade Campaign
Walmart's Make A Wish Campaign
Waterfest at Scotland Park
Wilmington Blue Rocks

You Gotta Lovett
4-H (Head, Heart, Hands Health)

Character Appearances
* Clowns

* Danish Princess (Sea Princess)
* Fairies

* Fairy in the Green Dress

* Blonde French Princess (Rose)

* Brunette French Princess (Bella)

* German Princess (Schneewittchen)

* "Jiggy" Puppet with Red Cheeks

* La Befana (Italian Christmas Witch)

* Louisiana Princess

* Black Horned Fairy in Black Dress

* Mexican Princess (Princesa Catrina)

          (Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull)

* Princess Ella

* Scottish Princess (Banphrionsa)
* Snow Princess
* Snow Queen

* Vigilante in Guy Fawkes Mask

Interactive Craft Parties
* Seasonal Foam Crafts
* Beaded Bracelet Crafts
* Fairie Flower Halos (Popular with Girls)
* Flubber (Popular with Boys)

* Science Experiments (Best with Villain Characters!)

Character Interaction Events
* Archery Practice (Scottish Princess)

* Character Special Deliveries

* Social Media and Internet Interactions
* Story Time
* Dance Parties
* Meet and Greets (Photo Opportunities)
* Motivational Speaking
* Nail Spa Parties
* Party Games
* Public Health Related Seminars
     (Anti-Drugs, Grooming, Hygiene, etc)

Catalina Angelina's Boutique & ​Event Services

Providing Memories

   Catalina Angelina's, LLC provides services such as Balloon  Sculpting, Craft Parties, Face Painting, Hair Adornments,  Manicure Parties, Story Times, Meet and Greets, Fairy and   Princess Appearances, Photography, Social Media  Management, and Profile Write Ups along the Eastern  Seaboard from New York to Florida, and as far west as Ohio  and Nevada.

Ever Wonder How Certified Face Painters Calculate a Party Quote?

Social Media
* Profile Proof Reading
* Profile Editing
* Photo Updates
* Dating Profile Consultations

Semi-formal Photography
* Event Photos
* Scenic Location
* Head Shots
Point shoot "bridge camera" produces a semi-professional look

Professional and Misc.:
* Brand Awareness
* Brand Ambassadors
* Community Events
* Product Sampling

* Promotional Models
* Swag Distribution

Holiday Gift Workshops (Popular with Schools)

​Mystery Gifts (Sent Monthly/Customized Ship)

Youth Against Child Abuse (YACA)

YACA's mission is to bring awareness to the child abuse topic and provide the resources for youth to begin the healing process.

Body Art
* Body Art
* Cheek Art
* Hand Designs
* Full Face Designs
* Glitter Tattoos
* Pregnancy Body Art
* Temporary Henna
* Temporary Tattoos
* Select Informal Air Brush Tattoos (Arms Only)

We use FDA approved Face Paints that are not tested on animals. 

Balloon Sculpting
* Bunnies
* Dogs
* Flowers
* Giraffes
* Octopi
* Snakes
* Swords

​Hair Adornments
* Braiding

* Crystals

* Hair Clips
* Color Hair Extensions
* Color Rubs
* Color Sprays (Stencils)
* Crystals
* Feathers
* Ribbons
* Tinseling
* Wraps

Event Services

Catalina Angelina's is Certified

Catalina Angelina's knows the importance of qualification, safety, and sanitation.

Catalina Angelina's Adheres to Government Regulations. 

Did you know that federal laws require that anyone in an occupation interacting with children must be fingerprinted and have criminal background clearances?

Catalina Angelina's team members hold college degrees, are state certified educators, and some of them are fully trained foster parents qualified to work with children. This means that our talent have background checks and fingerprinting completed prior to applying at Catalina Angelina's, LLC. 

Catalina Angelina's, LLC possesses the required business license, and fine arts degree for the art form. Professional development is a requirement for Catalina Angelina's team members. Members are always attending conventions, seminars, workshops, and training sessions throughout the year to meet the requirements of the industry. 

Catalina Angelina's Practices Client Safety

Aside from being registered to work with children, Catalina Angelina's also practices client safety by obtaining a signed photo release from a parent or guardian prior to displaying a child's photos in our publications, on our media sites, in our portfolios, and on other company related material.

Catalina Angelina's practices hygiene and safety with the products and services rendered through the company.  When a company brags about painting more than twenty faces an hour, chances are they are not practicing the required hygiene protocol when working with our clients.  Catalina Angelina's is listed as a top sanitary face painting company. This means that we sanitize our materials frequently, clean each face, and/or area before applying any product(s) that are FDA certified.  This means, while many will go to local craft stores to purchase low grade supplies and go on to call themselves face painters, Catalina Angelina's, LLC adheres to the FDA guidelines by using products ONLY on guests over the age of three and products that are animal friendly.

Feel free to request the "Questions to Ask Your Face Painter Before Booking" write up which goes into detail of what to expect from our talent.